How To Book

My books for custom tattoos are currently: CLOSED

*This does not include breast services or tattoos related to transitioning. 

I am still taking on these types of projects.

Subscribe for info on my next round of booking and flash designs available on my social media in between booking periods.

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Am I Your Artist?

I want to give you the best tattoo possible.

Therefore, I think it is best to stick to my strengths and interests.  When booking with me, make sure you like my style and are interested in what you've seen in my portfolio.  

Things I love:

  • Floral/Nature

  • Fantasy

  • SCI-FI

  • Macabre

  • Saturated Colors

  • Dotwork

  • Anatomy

  • Faces & Figures

Not my forte:

  • Watercolor

  • Tribal

  • Blackouts

  • New School

  • Grafiti Art

*If you are looking for a style that is not me, check out @wisconsintattooartists for other local tattooers who may fit your project.

Get tattooed.

Custom Pieces

Have an idea that you want to bring to life on your skin?  I work with you to design a tattoo that fits your concept and your body.

Starting at $200/hr

Flash Designs

I will occasionally post flash designs up for grabs on social media.  Flash is not custom artwork and will be tattooed as is and at an appropriate size.  Slight variations in color may be acceptable.  

Starting at $160/hr

All appointments require a non-refundable $100 deposit that will be applied to the final sitting of your tattoo.  Large scale designs such as back pieces, chest panels and sleeves may require a larger deposit. 

All deposits are subject to the cancellation policy.

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