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Transitioning Services

Postoperative Finishing Touches To Aid In Your Transition

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Artist Sketching

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Nipple Tattooing

A natural-looking tattoo designed to alter the size or disguise scarring of the areola and nipple following female-to-male/female-to-nonbinary (FTM/FTN) or male-to-female/male-to-nonbinary (MTF/MTN) top surgeries. To yield realistic results, these tattoos are individually placed and color matched to best suit your body. 

Unilateral: $500  Bilateral: $750

Post Phalloplasty Tattooing

The creation of realistic veins and shadows to enhance the appearance of the penis following phalloplasty surgery.

Please inquire for pricing.

Scar Coverups

Custom artwork designed to showcase or hide scarring resulting from gender affirming surgeries or donor sites.

Starting at $200/hr

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