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Everything Your Need To Know About Getting Tattooed

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Cancellation Policy


New Health Guidelines

  • All tattoos are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  • If you’ve been sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick STAY HOME! I will happily reschedule you.

  • Masking is now optional in the studio. If you decide to wear one please try to provide your own mask as PPE is in short supply. I will have a limited supply available.

  • One on one appointments are preferred, however if you would like to bring ONE guest you can clear this with me before your appointment.

  • Please avoid touching surfaces and items that aren’t yours.

  • Please try to limit your belongings to essential items, you will be asked to keep them in a marked container next to you during your tattoo.  

As always, I am committed to running a clean and safe tattoo studio. Clients can be at ease knowing that I am fully vaccinated and will continue to take extra precautions and allow for extra time for sanitation between clients.


However, if you are high risk or uncomfortable with the situation I respect any decision to postpone a tattoo at this time and will happily honor deposits. 

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