Breast Services

Tattooing for those who have undergone any of the following breast surgeries.

  • Mastectomy

  • Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast Reduction

  • FTM/FTN & MTF/MTN Top Surgeries

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What are my options?

Nipple Tattooing

A tattoo designed to create or enhance the nipple and areola and give the illusion of protrusion.  This process is completed in two sittings at least a month apart. Tattoos are individually placed and color matched to yield realistic results for every client. 

Unilateral: $500  Bilateral: $750

Learn about insurance coverage for this service.

Custom Artwork

I work with you to create a custom tattoo designed to enhance symmetry or cover scarring resulting from breast surgeries.  

Starting at $200/hr


Real Results


Will my insurance cover nipple tattoos?

Wisconsin Residents

Don't see your insurance?

This does not necessarily mean they wont cover the service.  I can verify your benefits and get you prior authorized if necessary.  

Please note: Coverage does not guarantee payment.  Benefits are specific to your insurance plan and all questions should be directed to your carrier.  

  • Dean Health Plan

  • Wellfirst Health

  • Quartz

  • Group Health

Covered By:

Not Yet Covered By:

Out of State

Some insurance plans will cover my service for out of state residents, but it is much more unlikely.  

If covered, I will be considered an out-of-network provider. Therefore your out of network deductible and out of pocket maximums will apply.  

Please note: Prior authoriztion is almost always required for out of state residents.  This process can take up to two weeks.  


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