The following scar services are offered at Shade.  A consultation is required for all services and it is recomended that any scarring is fully healed before making an appointment. 

Scalp Pigmentation:  Scalp scarring or bald spots can be disguised with scalp pigmentation services.  The client properly color matched and the scalp is tattooed in a pattern that gives the illusion of hair growth.  Scars must be entirely healed and time/visits required for this service depend on the size and severity of the scarring or bald spot.  

Scar Camouflage:  Some types of scarring can be disguised using tattoo pigments matched in specific colors and patterns to mimic the appearance of natural skin.  The best candidates for this type of camouflage have scarring that is flat and does not take up a large amount of surface area.  

*Have raised or large amounts of scarring? Even more successful scar coverups are accomplished with custom artwork designed specifically to incorporate or camouflage scarring. Check out my artwork HERE

MCA: A very precise microneedling technique is used to target only the scarred tissue in order to promote the body's natural healing process at the site.  MCA stimulates the production of collagen as well as melanin at the treatment site to reduce scar height and restore color.  Color that reappears naturally will tan in the sun like normal skin.  MCA is a multi-session process. The best candidates have scarring that is lighter than their natural skin tone. It is recommended that scars be fully healed with no redness in order to perform MCA

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